TOP feature
•150LPW high efficiency. 
•Deliver soft, dispersed illumination with an unprecedented level of uniformity. 
•Exhibit seamless and smooth finishes. 
•Widely used in retrofit of fluorescent center basket troffers and louvers.
 •Field-adjustable Power and CCT available. 
•Sensor and EM solution available. 
•Flicker free(≤10%).
  • High efficiency, Deliver soft light

  • 2,340L – 7,280L 150LPW

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • -20℃ - 50°C

  • 120-277V, 120-347V

  • 5.1S

  • DC sensor, EM, Dim to Off

  • 2X4, 2X2, 1X4


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